Are you the one to contribute a brick to the cause?

Welcome to Angel’s Centre for Children with Special Needs

Are you interested and maybe even experienced in construction such as building, electrics, sanitary or painting
and do you want to participate to build this revolutionary centre?
Or if you are more like a creative person, come and help us decorate this place
to create a nice and educational environment for these kids!

If you are really interested in helping us out, then subscribe yourself for our summer building camp, a social safari or become a volunteer or intern in this project.

Angel’s Centre for Children with Special Needs in Kampala, Uganda is constructing a new integrated centre for children with special needs to be able to provide services as an early learning centre, vocational training, sensory room integration and occupational, physio and speech therapy.

In this way we can help them gain more independence. We are planning to build a centre that will provide space for 100 to 200 children with both physical and mental disabilities from 0 up to 18 years.
With our new centre we will reach out to more children, expand our inclusive education programme and raise greater awareness for children with disabilities in the communities.

In order for our center to be accessible for all children with special needs, we need your support!

Fund us!

Angel’s Centre for Children with Special Needs has purchased 3 acres of land in Wakiso,
Kampala where they will construct this revolutionary centre that will meet all the needs of the children they’re appealing to.

We will construct buildings with different classrooms so the children can be categorized by their level and in this way
they can work on their own skills and capabilities.

Of course not only learning is a part of our project, kids need to play as well.
That’s why we are going to construct both an inside as an outside playground for them to play.
The kids also need special therapy and therefore we are building a specialized therapy room.
Because we also want to appeal to the elderly children, we plan on constructing rooms and providing space on the land where they can learn a specific profession such as sewing, carpentry and gardening. In this way we would like to become self-providing in a few years as well..


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